The CHC directly employs over 1,500 people and supports indirectly about 7,000 people within the area. In addition to complying with its legal, social and financial obligations, the CHC is striving to develop a good and pleasant working environment.

Among other areas of development, the CHC has greatly focused on health and education by building its third elementary school, the first college in Zagné and opening a medical center. The medical center is accessible 24h/24h and is managed by a resident physician, assisted by a head nurse, two nurses and a midwife. Difficult cases are evacuated from the center with the CHC ambulance.

These facilities are open to the CHC employees and also to residents. In addition to these first aid facilities,  CHC aims to improve the lives of its employees and residents. The following social actions have been conducted :

  • the opening of a library with open access to all
  • the construction of modern housing for employees
  • the construction of a guest house for visitors and consultants
  • the opening of a Club
  • the rehabilitation of the pool and the introduction of a wading pool for youngsters
  • the proliferation of sports and games
  • the opening of a market and shopping center
  • the rehabilitation and equipment of chairs of the the youth center and radio in Zagné
  • the rebuilding and reshaping of roads (Guiglo - Tai road)

As part of its charter of social responsibility, the CHC allocates 2% of its net profit, on a discretionary basis for sustainable development projects. It also encourages recipients of this funding to co-finance these projects to ensure their full involvement.

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